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Sexual Shame

Shame feels a monster hiding in your closet, terrified of being discovered.  Sexual shame comes from many sources – the media, religion, politics as well as personal experiences like sexual assault.  The irony of shame is that we often feel all alone, yet SO MANY people feel this way. Shame can prevent us from connecting more deeply with ourselves and our sexual partners.  It can lead us to hide the very parts of ourselves that need love most, and fortunately, there’s a way out of the darkness. With time, care, quality information and (often) the right help, we can transform our shadows into light and learn to deeply enjoy our bodies as is our birthright.


To begin the journey, this podcast is a great place to start:


Recovering From Unhealthy Sexual Shame



And nothing can beat personalized, one-on-one attention from an empathic, non-judgmental sex therapist like Dr. Nazanin Moali.  Schedule your appointment today at (310) 600-9912 or at her website Oasis2Care.com


Body image

Sex is one of the most vulnerable things we can do, whether we’re alone or with a partner.  We’re naked, both literally and figuratively, letting our guard down to be intimate. Body image struggles are sadly quite normal, so while you may feel alone in your struggles, in reality many people you know are battling their own body image demons.  Even those whose bodies you admire have likely felt uncomfortable looking in the mirror. The truth is, beauty comes in many forms, far beyond what we’ve been led to believe by society and the media. The challenge for most of us is to connect with both the unique inner and outer beauty we all carry in our own ways.


For more help with your body image, check out these great podcasts:


Sexuality & Body Image


Embrace Your Nakedness in the bedroom!



It can also be helpful to work with someone open-minded and non-judgmental, like sex therapist Dr. Nazanin Moali.  You can reach Dr. Moali at (310) 600-9912 or at her website Oasis2Care.com



In a society that judges women’s sexuality, its no wonder so many women feel lost when it comes to their own sexual wants and needs.  Neither “good girls” nor “bad girls” (really, women!) can win, so until our culture centers the importance and power of women’s sexuality, its up to you to explore.  Sexual self-knowledge affects masturbation practices and sex with a partner, too.  Its a bit like going to a restaurant together and expecting them to order the perfect dish to fulfill your cravings without ever describing what you feel like!  Fortunately, many great women have come before you, paving the way for sexual self-learning and pleasure. As you dig more deeply into both your erotic mind and body’s preferences, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!


Where to begin?  Give these podcasts a try:

Reconnecting With Your Sexual Self with Dr. Jen


From Solo Sex to Partnered Sex



Many women find it helpful to work with someone individually, to have guidance and support in self-exploration.  Dr. Nazanin Moali has extensive experience working with women just like you and loves to help women embrace their sexuality.  Call to make an appointment at (310) 600-9912 or visit Oasis2Care.com.


Physical Issues (Medications, Sleep, Stress, Pelvic Floor)

Sex involves an entire orchestra of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – and your body is the instrument.  The beauty of the music we create depends how well our bodies are nurtured. There are plenty of reasons taking care of our bodies can fall by the wayside – stress, kids, work, relationship and family issues can easily take our attention and leave little energy to care for ourselves.  And some physical issues, like side effects from medication or birth control, may be difficult to avoid. Beginning to take small steps to address physical issues like insomnia, a sedentary lifestyle, or pelvic floor problems after childbirth can lead to a big difference in your experience of pleasure.


These podcasts are a great starting place:

When Sex Hurts by Dr. Holly Herman


What to Do When Chronic Illness Affects Your Sex Life?


In addition, working with a trained professional one-on-one may help you better pinpoint where to start and the best path for you and your body.  Contact sex therapist Dr. Nazanin Moali at (310) 600-9912 or at her website Oasis2Care.com.



Sexual trauma is one of the worst violations a person can experience.  It is VERY common to have sexual difficulties after sexual trauma, whether it occurred recently or years ago.  Other forms of trauma can also cause sexual difficulties, even if they were not sexual in nature. Know that whatever has happened is NOT your fault.  Even if it feels impossible at times, know that many other women have healed – and you can too. Your path will be as unique as you are, and in the process you will learn more about your own wants and needs, how to set boundaries and to enjoy the full range of your body’s capacity for pleasure.


You may find these podcasts helpful:

Healing from Sexual Assault with Wendy Maltz LCSW


Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse



You may also benefit from sex therapy.  A sex therapist like Dr. Nazanin Moali can help you move beyond trauma to create the sex life you truly deserve.  Call (310) 600-9912 or at her website Oasis2Care.com to make an appointment.


Relationship Issues/Connecting with Partner

Sex can bring us super close and help us feel deeply connected to our partner, quite literally!  But when things feel off in some way, its pretty normal to feel quite distant during seemingly intimate moments, or even disinterested altogether.  All relationships have their ups and downs, and while no relationship is as perfect as it might appear on Instagram, many relationship problems are quite common.  That’s good news, because if others have resolved their relationship concerns, you can too! Whether you’re struggling after cheating, having difficulty communicating, facing ongoing conflict or feeling lonely and emotionally distant, your feelings are valid and change is possible.


Begin by taking a listen to these great podcast episodes:

Passionate Sex Starts Outside the Bedroom


Why isn’t S/He Doing What I Want?



When struggling in a relationship, it can be very helpful to get from someone compassionate and open-minded.  Dr. Nazanin Moali has helped many women with relationship challenges all over the map, and is happy to share her expertise and experience to help you, too.  Call her office at (310) 600-9912 or at her website Oasis2Care.com.

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