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Cannabis is legal in many states now, so many people want to know what kind of an impact cannabis can have on your sex life. Cannabis has many various recreational purposes, but what does the science have to say about its efficacy on sexual problems? Let’s talk about whether the science differs from the hype and how to incorporate cannabis into your sexual routine safely.

Using Cannabis Healthily

The most important thing when considering whether to try a new substance is to do it in a healthy and safe way. No one wants to develop a dependence or end up with Cannabis Use Disorder. Fortunately, cannabis addiction is rare, and there are ways to mitigate the risk. 

First, if you’re going to use cannabis, make sure it’s legal in your state. Next, maintain awareness of whether you’re self-medicating in order to avoid dealing with underlying emotional issues. Weed cannot replace therapy, so it’s always best to seek help if you need it rather than try to numb yourself to your feelings. Finally, consider whether you have anxiety or other mental health issues that could be exacerbated by cannabis use. 

Cannabis and Sexual Health

Whether or not cannabis can improve your sex life will depend on what kind of sexual issues you’re experiencing. Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs only work if the problem is blood flow to the penis, and the same concept applies here: it doesn’t solve all sexual problems. But it has been linked with success at fixing some sexual dysfunction. Checking with your doctor before using it is always a good idea. 

Cannabis helps relieve pain, so people who have chronic sexual pain might experience relief with use. If you have anxiety, certain strains of cannabis might help you relax. However, others say that cannabis reduces your focus to the point where orgasm might be unattainable

How to Try Cannabis During Sex 

Overall, using small amounts of cannabis might help you relax or increase your libido, but in all likelihood, large quantities will not be helpful. So, if you choose to try it, keep your dosing minimal for the best results. Never use so much that you have trouble staying present since mindfulness is the key to satisfying sex. 

Don’t forget to think about the timing. If you’re having an edible, it’s hard to know exactly when it will kick in, but it depends on what you’ve eaten that day and your metabolism rate. An edible would require planning in advance to make sure the effects have kicked in by the time you and your partner get into bed. Smoking can damage your lungs, so if you’d like to try something that takes hold a bit faster, vaporizing can give you more control. Lubricant that contains THC can take twenty minutes or longer to have an effect, so if you use that, incorporate it into your foreplay and give it enough time before expects to notice it. 

You don’t need a partner to enjoy cannabis during sex. In fact, trying it during masturbation can give you a chance to understand whether or not it’s beneficial for you. Plus, the stakes will be lower and the situation less complex than when you are with a partner, so it’s an excellent way to ease into exploring cannabis. Keep in mind that we’re still studying the impact of cannabis on sexual health, and since the field is so new, we don’t know everything about it yet. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when engaging with new substances. 

Other Paths Toward Sexual Health

One of the best ways to find more sexual satisfaction is by seeking therapy from a specialist. If you’d like to work through body image issues, trouble reaching orgasm, performance anxiety, or lack of intimacy with your partner, call me for a free consultation. I can help you find science-backed ways toward a sex life you love.


Bio: Dr. Nazanin Moali is a clinical psychologist and sex therapist in the Los Angeles area. She works with various individuals to understand and improve their sexuality. Dr. Moali conducts personal consultation sessions in her Torrance and Hermosa Beach offices, or via a secure, online video-counseling platform. Click here to download the 101 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Hot checklist.

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