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Welcome to episode 27 of the Sexology Podcast, in the run up to the release of season 7 of Game of Thrones, my guest today is Tamara Powell, LMHC who speaks to me about why as sex therapist she thinks Game of Thrones stands out from other TV shows, the attraction we have to the powerful roles women have in the show and why we are fascinated with sexual war.


Tamara is the owner of Arya Therapy Services, the now global phenomenon in holistic health and healing. She is also the founder Tales from a Trapezoid dedicated to the more raw and edgier side of life, working with those who may often feel like a trapezoid in a world full of circles.


Most recently, she launched her own podcast Undressing The Spirit, where through stories and interviews, she takes listeners behind the veil of counseling into erotic, relational, and spiritual diversity, uncovering how to accomplish mankind’s greatest challenge – finding purpose and passion no matter the worldview or proclivity.

 In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why Tamara thinks Game of Thrones stands out from other TV shows
  • How it reminds her of Nancy Friday’s seminal work in the 70’s & 80’s
  • The attraction we have to the powerful roles women have in Game of Thrones
  • Why we are fascinated with sexual war
  • How the show can give you ideas for your own fantasies with your partner
  • Misconceptions about why Game of Thrones is sexually appealing
  • Why the forbidden is attracting and exciting
  • How people are too quick to relate the show to pornography
  • The way women’s sexual desires are represented through characters such as Daenerys Targaryen
  • The sexual power dynamics that exist in the show

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