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In this segment of Sexology Podcast, we discussed:

  • Some signs that indicate that your date is seeing other people
  • Whether you can you have chemistry with someone that you were not attracted to the beginning of your relationship
  • Whether to sleep with someone on the first date if you are planning to be in a long-term relationship with them
  • What the signs are that your date is serious about their future with you
  • The biochemistry of attachment and why sleeping with someone intensifies your attachment toward them




Meet Dr. Sharon Cohen:

Dr. Sharon Cohen is a Relationship and Love Consultant in Newport Beach, California. She works with women who can’t seem to find the right relationship or who aren’t sure they are in the right relationship. Sometimes clients who come to her are ready to give up on love. She helps them have supportive, committed, deeply loving relationships with a man who ROCKS THEIR WORLD.

Dr. Sharon provides inspiration and help for women who are

  1. dating,
  2. having growing pains in a relationship,
  3. going through a breakup, seeking to recover and move on OR for those who are
  4. going through a dry spell.

Meet Dr. Nazanin Moali

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a Torrance-based sex therapist and a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Dr. Moali is seasoned therapist who has supported many women and men in identifying their self-destructive patterns and finding the loving relationship they deserve. Dr. Moali offers evidence-based, solution-focused, brief therapy in a caring and confidential setting. She provides psychotherapy at her offices in Torrance and Hermosa Beach

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