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Episode Overview

Welcome to the Sexology Podcast with Dr. Nazanin Moali. Today I’m with Erica Garza who shares insight about her new book Getting Off, the connection between sexual shame and addiction and story of her recovery from sexual addiction


Erica’s sexual addiction story starts at a young age and develops into her teen and adult life.

Her curiosity for porn became a way to cope and the internet only made accessibility to porn easier, ultimately feeding her addiction. Erica decided to tell her story to help others know they are not alone and come forward with the truth about her experiences.


This episode details the experiences that led Erica to where she is today. We dive into shame around sexuality, how to make sense of porn addiction and the roles desensitization plays in porn addiction, as well as many other topics.



  • Value discrepancy between partners
  • Why Erica decided to share her story
  • Shame around sexuality
  • Tales of a Female Sex Addict
  • Making sense of porn addiction
  • Internet’s role in porn addiction
  • Desensitizing
  • Complexity of human desire
  • Finding a safe place to discuss sex, sexuality and sexual desire
  • Erica’s journey of recovery
  • A readiness and willingness to change

About Dr. Nazanin Moali

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a certified clinical psychologist and sex therapist in the Los Angeles, California. She helps individuals on their sexuality journey to overcome addiction and issues as well as live happier and healthier lives. Dr. Moali conducts confidential consultation sessions in her Torrance and Hermosa Beach offices, or via a secure video-counseling platform online.




About Erica Garza

Erica Garza was born to Mexican parents in Los Angeles, California. In college, she earned a MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia University. After college, she found herself on one adventure after another. She spent most of her life after college traveling and living abroad. Now she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Erica has written various essays that have appeared in a variety of publications. She has also guest starred on various radio shows.


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