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Welcome to episode 41 of the Sexology Podcast. Today I am joined by Dr. Kelifern Pomeranz who talks to us about the science of male arousal, the common causes for sexual dysfunction and the pros and cons of using PED5 inhibitors.


Dr. Pomeranz is a licensed clinical psychologist and sex therapist with a practice in Silicon Valley. In addition to her private practice, she also works as a staff psychologist at Stanford University. Dr. Pomeranz earned her doctorate in clinical psychology in the Bay Area and has worked in a number of diverse settings, including the San Francisco jail, Salvation Army rehabilitation center, and UC Davis Medical System. She spent 9 years at the Boston VA, focusing on substance use disorders, sexual trauma, and out of control sexual behaviors.


Dr. Pomeranz recognizes the importance between sexual and emotional well-being and believes that not enough clinicians are talking with their clients about this important topic. In her private practice in Menlo Park she treats individuals who are struggling with a variety of sexual health concerns, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, desire discrepancy, genito-pelvic pain, female orgasmic disorder, penetration disorders, sexual trauma, gender/sexual identity, and alternative sexual lifestyles. In addition, Dr. Pomeranz treats substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors, including out-of-court sexual behaviors, utilizing a harm reduction model. Dr. Pomeranz is a member of AASECT and Bay Area Open Minds.


In this episode, you will hear:


  • Gender differences with sexual arousal
  • Does penal erection hardness correspond to arousal?
  • Common causes for sexual dysfunction in men
  • What you can do as partner to help with erectile dysfunction
  • The link and misconceptions around ageing and erectile dysfunction
  • How certain medications can be harmful to people’s relationships
  • The feelings of shame that can occur around this issue
  • Ways in which you can approach and support your partner through this




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