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Welcome to episode 36 of the Sexology Podcast with your host Dr. Nazanin Moali. In this episode, Dr. Moali talks about the important topic of psychological growth following adversity, specifically after experiencing sexual assault or rape. Furthermore, she discusses how sexual trauma may produce positive growth for individuals in various areas of their lives including their ability to relate to others, their general appreciation of life, and their ability to see new possibilities and changes in their spiritual life.


In this episode, you will hear:


  • How people overcome adversity after sexual assault
  • Why people can view themselves as a survivor rather than a victim
  • Changing relationships; needing others for support
  • Renewing one’s purpose in life and becoming more spiritual
  • Redefining perspective with mindfulness practices
  • How growth is a gradual process
  • Cultivating post-traumatic growth through support
  • The importance of honouring your own journey


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