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Episode Overview

I see many people coming into my practice because one partner has kinky desires and the other partner doesn’t like it. On this episode of the Sexology Podcast I’m joined by Dr. Cat Meyer to talk about BDSM, how to approach conversations regarding your preferences, and how to navigate BDSM if your partner is into it, but you aren’t.

It’s quite possible that people may have an aversion to other’s erotic templates. It’s important to fully relax into who we are. This may require putting aside your eroticism for the sake of your partners. Sometimes approaching it as a fun exploration can make a huge difference. Enjoy the unfolding. Sex can look different and sexual experiences will more than likely be different with different partners. A therapist can help you navigate and translate if you’re nervous about having a conversation with your partner or confused about how to accurately articulate your desires. It’s common that couples wish they had more support.


  • Misconception related to BDSM
  • What does a BDSM relationship look like?
  • Power dynamics in every relationship
  • Co-creating a sexual script
  • Approaching conversations about BDSM 
  • How couples discuss and negotiate rules when it comes to sex
  • Learning what your erotic language is
  • Negotiating the scene and after care
  • Exploring your potential for sex

About Dr. Nazanin Moali

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a clinical psychologist, sex expert, sexologist and sex therapist in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Moali has helped couples and individuals overcome sexual concerns, including pornography addiction. Dr. Moali hosts confidential consultation sessions for clients and potential clients in her Torrance and Hermosa Beach offices. You can also book a session with her online, via a secure video-counseling platform.

About Dr. Cat Meyer

Dr. Cat Meyer is a licensed couple therapist, sex therapist, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner dedicated to evolving the relationship we have around sexualities and our bodies. She also the co-creator of Goddess Celebration, an annual large-scale women’s day in Malibu, California. She also has her own podcast called Eat, Play, Sex.


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