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Episode Overview

Welcome to the Sexology Podcast with Dr. Nazanin Moali. Today, I will be sharing what happens in a sex therapy sessions and my personal experience related to being a patient and getting sex therapy. I also cover the difference between a sex therapists, sex coaches, sex educators and sexual surrogates. In addition, I’ll be talking about common things I see in my practice.


I came from a very conservative background and shame around sex. In a previous relationship, I realized I really enjoyed sex and enjoyed the partner I was with. One day, sex became very painful. I tried to push throughout and then I started to shy away from sex. I started to feel like my identity and self-esteem was impacted. Then I decided to seek professional help. Learn more about my personal experience in this episode of the Sexology Podcast.


  • My personal experience with sexual pain
  • Couples therapy vs sex therapy
  • What to do if you are struggling
  • Sex therapists vs sex coaches vs sex educators vs sexual surrogates
  • Issues with sexual surrogacy
  • What happens in a session with a sex therapist
  • How to choose a sex therapist
  • Sexual disfunctions

About Dr. Nazanin Moali

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a clinical psychologist, sex therapist, sex expert and sexologist in the Los Angeles area. She helps individuals and couples with sexual and relationship issues. She works with clients to improve sexual concerns and improve overall sexual health. Dr. Moali conducts confidential consultation sessions online or in person in two offices, her Torrance and Hermosa Beach offices.

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