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In this segment of Sexology, we discussed:

  • What the reasons are why some straight men want to have sex with other men
  • What you can do if you know your husband is having sex with other men
  • What the difference is between gay men and men who are interested in BDSM
  • How much you need to know about your husband’s sexual fantasies
  • What some taboos are against engaging in alternative lifestyles





Meet Dr. Joe Kort:

Dr. Joe Kort is a licensed sex and relationship therapist. He specializes in sex therapy, LGBTQ issues and Imago Relationship Therapy. He is the author of four books: 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Improve Their Lives: Revised and Updated, 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Find Real Love, LGBTQ Clients in Therapy: Clinical Issues and Treatment Strategies, and Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?: A Guide for Women Concerned about Their Men. A regular blogger for Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, he’s on the teaching faculty of the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Certificate Program.

Meet Dr. Nazanin Moali:

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a Los Angeles sex therapist, providing effective psychotherapy to couples who are interested in moving beyond frustration and anger to develop deeper emotional and physical intimacy. She is a frequent guest on informative television programs and often gives talks on how couples can achieve optimal sexual health.

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