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Episode Overview

Coming out as trans is a pivotal moment in a person’s life.

It can be both the most terrifying and liberating feeling that person will ever experience. Sometimes, it comes as a shock to their partner—but, upon reflection, you’ll always find that there’s been a consistent narrative that’s existed in between the lines the whole time.

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Eva Smidova about what happens to relationships when one partner comes out as transgender or gender fluid. While 30% of couples break up or get divorced immediately, others choose to work through it and stay together. Throughout our conversation, Eva breaks down various experiences that cis-gender and transgender people have in these situations, what constitutes as a healthy response, and what the key to staying together is.

Take a listen to learn more about the complexities around coming out a transgender to a romantic partner.

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • What does coming out look like for a transgender person? ([5:24])
  • Is it common for partners to stay together after one comes out as trans? ([13:00])
  • What are the differences between gender and sexual identity? ([17:26])
  • When is the right time for a trans person to disclose their gender identity when dating someone new? ([25:36])


In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

  • How the fear of unacceptance and rejection impacts a trans person’s life. ([10:48])
  • How Eva helps couples stay together after one person comes out as trans. ([14:05])
  • When biological sex is and is not an issue around intimacy for couples. ([23:16])
  • The various mindsets that may hold a trans individual back from coming out to someone they’re dating. ([25:44])

About Dr. Nazanin Moali

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a clinical psychologist, sex expert, sexologist and sex therapist in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Moali has helped couples and individuals overcome sexual concerns, including pornography addiction. Dr. Moali hosts confidential consultation sessions for clients and potential clients in her Torrance and Hermosa Beach offices. You can also book a session with her online, via a secure video-counseling platform.

About Dr. Eva Smidova

Dr. Eva Smidova is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Transgender Care Therapist. She is an expert on couples, marriage, intimacy, family systems, communication strategies and conflict resolutions, gender, and sexual issues. Eva is a member of several national and international Family Therapy Associations, including organizations that care for the LGBTQ population.

Eva applies a holistic approach to her clients, with psychotherapy that is goal-oriented, respectful, natural, relational, professional, playful, and uniquely tailored to every individual.

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