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Welcome to episode 15 of the Sexology Podcast, today my guest is sociologist and sexologist Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus. In this episode, you will hear Dr. Gunsaullus talk about the normality of masturbation and how often people engage in it, positive effects from masturbation and ways in which parents can positively communicate with their children about masturbation.

Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, sociologist and sexologist, is a frequent speaker about sexual empowerment, healthy relationships, body image, erotic play, sexual consent, sexual health, and mindfulness. She has presented two TEDx Talks, is a writer on sex and relationships, and a recurring intimacy expert on the San Diego morning news. Her In the Den with Dr. Jenn educational video series has over 1.3 million hits on YouTube and she is an expert in the new documentary on masturbation, called Sticky: A (Self) Love Story. In addition, as a martial arts practitioner, she was recently promoted to black belt in Korean karate — so watch out for this badass doctor!

In this episode, you will hear:


  • The normality of masturbation and how often people do it
  • How it’s normal for children to discover masturbation
  • General concerns people have, is it harmful?
  • How cultural and religious beliefs have negatively impacted people’s views on masturbation
  • Misinformation – No, you can’t go blind from masturbation
  • Positive effects from masturbation, mentally and physically
  • Overcoming shame and embarrassment with meditative masturbation
  • Masturbating in a relationship, does it hurt the relationship?
  • Having open communication with your partner on this issue
  • The psychological effects using toys and vibrators can have
  • Ways in which parents can positively communicate with their children about masturbation
  • How many of our currently held cultural views of masturbation were created in the 19th and 20th century

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