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In this segment of Sexology Podcast, we discussed:

  • Deborah Beaumon’s personal journey of recovery from cancer
  • How a diagnosis of breast cancer can impact your sexuality
  • Common changes in desire and libido following cancer treatment
  • The impact of mastectomy on a couple’s sexuality
  • Challenges of reconstructive surgery following breast cancer




Meet Deborah Beaumont:

Deborah Beaumont is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and two time cancer survivor.  After her last experience with cancer (bilateral breast cancer) and multiple complications from treatments she was frustrated with conventional medicine telling he the only thing thing she could do to prevent another recurrence of cancer was to take prescriptions, get yearly check-ups and hope for the best that it didn’t return.  Feeling there was a need to know about more about  prevention and making treatment decisions that supported having a good quality of life (given all the treatment and medication side effects she experienced) she immersed herself in learning about holistic and integrative treatment that complimented the medical advise she was being given.
She is now a certified functional medicine practitioner and is a holistic and integrative health coach supporting women and empowering them to make treatment decisions not only in treating cancer reclaiming their health and having a good quality of life after chemo and active treatment is done.  She emphasizes an integrative mind-body approach to health, healing and living.
She works with women by phone and Skype and provides coaching and consultation to women looking for holistic and integrative recovery.

Meet Dr. Nazanin Moali:

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a clinical psychologist and a Los Angeles-based sex therapist with outstanding credentials. She has helped many couples find joy and happiness following a life-changing experience. Dr. Moali offers confidential consultation sessions at her offices in Torrance and Hermosa Beach or online through secure video-counseling platforms.

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