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About Dr. Nazanin Moali

I am a psychologist, a consultant, and a researcher. I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist through the California State Board of Psychology (PSY 27951). I have received extensive training in treatment of eating disorders and addiction from some of the nation’s leading experts. I am a published researcher who regularly gives talks at major universities and international conferences, and have given therapy advice and information on local television shows on areas of my expertise. I received my Bachelor’s degree from University of California, San Diego in biology and psychology. I earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University. The area of focus for my Clinical Internship was chemical dependency and addiction while the emphasis of my Post-Doctoral training was on eating disorders.

My Approach to Change 

My aim is to help you find your own way through your personal recovery. Through psychology and therapy my goal is to support you every step of the way, as you break free from your habits and find your own voice. I will help you recognize and build upon your strengths so that you can overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

I will offer you an effective and compassionate therapy plan which works towards your goals and, most importantly, at your own comfortable pace. I specialize in treating depression, drug and sexual addiction, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-harm and other mal-adaptive behaviors.  This includes addressing underlying issues of anxiety, depression and trauma, which may be preventing you from living a life of inner peace and enjoying fulfilling connections with others. My own humanity is the inspiration that stirred me to explore and ultimately dedicate my career to help people struggling with compulsive behaviors.

I invite you to meet with me and begin setting your sights on creating a more fulfilling life.

Call Oasis2Care at (310) 600-9912, or make an appointment online, to begin your journey to happiness!

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