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The Man Rules, with Dan Griffin

In this segment of Sexology, we discussed: What the Man Rules are The relationship between allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, and others and sexual...

Is My Husband Gay? Interview with Dr. Joe Kort

In this segment of Sexology, we discussed: What the reasons are why some straight men want to have sex with other men What you can do if you know your husband...

The Most Common Sexual Fetishes

In this segment of Sexology, we discussed How Sara changed made a career change from being a writer to working as a sex phone operator What some of the perks...

How Can You Practice Tantra?

In this segment of Sexology, we discussed The philosophy behind Tantra Key elements of Tantric meditation techniques What Tantra is and how you can create a tantric...

Gender and Sexuality with Dr. Lisa Wade

Welcome to episode 43 of the Sexology Podcast, today I am delighted to welcome back Dr. Lisa Wade. In this episode, we talk about the difference between sex and gender, external and...

Sexuality & Body Image with Dr. Anita Johnson

Welcome to episode 42 of the Sexology Podcast, my guest today is Dr. Anita Johnson. In this episode, Dr. Anita Johnson shares with us how to heal your relationship with your body, reconnect with your sexuality and reclaim the power of feminine energy. Anita Johnston,...

Exploring Sexual Fantasies

Exploring sexual fantasies helps you understand where they come from, why you have them and how they can play a role in your relationship with your partner.

Sexual Performance Anxiety with Dr. Six

Dr. Moali speaks with Dr. Six, who addresses sexual performance anxiety, how it affects both men and women and what that means in a relationship.

Sexual Jealousy with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

Sexual jealousy is natural, playing a role in almost every relationship. It is distinctly different, although similar to competitiveness and can impact trust

Unlocking Your Erotic Blueprint

Unlocking your erotic blueprint means knowing your sexual arousal type, understanding your erotic core template and its impact for you through the lifespan

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