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Exploring Sexual Fantasies

Exploring sexual fantasies helps you understand where they come from, why you have them and how they can play a role in your relationship with your partner.

Sexual Performance Anxiety with Dr. Six

Dr. Moali speaks with Dr. Six, who addresses sexual performance anxiety, how it affects both men and women and what that means in a relationship.

Sexual Jealousy with Dr. Elizabeth Bonet

Sexual jealousy is natural, playing a role in almost every relationship. It is distinctly different, although similar to competitiveness and can impact trust

Unlocking Your Erotic Blueprint

Unlocking your erotic blueprint means knowing your sexual arousal type, understanding your erotic core template and its impact for you through the lifespan

Female Sexual Desire with Dr. Deborah Tolman

Female sexual desire can be a minefield for teenage girls and young adults, as they navigate self-image body image, slut shaming and sexual double standards

Sexuality in Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones is one of the most sexually charged shows on television, teaching about the sex war, women’s sexuality and power dynamics in relationships.

Celibacy & Desire with Dr. Carmen Roman

What is celibacy and how can you be celibate, but still harbor sexual desire? What does it mean to be celibate? Are there consequences to being non-sexual?

Mismatched Libido with Renelle Nelson LMFT

Mismatched libido is not a one-person problem, it’s a couple problem that can have negative effects, including a sense of disconnection or feelings of shame

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